Student Metro Crime Prevention presentations in the Greespun Hall lobby.

A visit to the Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center.

Students learn about career options at the Criminal Justice Career Fair.

Alpha Phi Sigma volunteers clean up our neighborhood.

Jeremy Waller wins first place at the Urban Affairs Graduate Student Research Symposium.

Students joining the Alpha Phi Sigma Justice Honor Society.

Criminal justice students find an abundance of resources at the Criminal Justice Career Fair.

Mari Sakiyama researches police department use of social networking websites.

New Inductees Alpha Phi Sigma Awards Ceremony

Alpha Phi Sigma Awards Ceremony of Graduating Seniors Fall 2011


The Department of Criminal Justice provides a broad-based liberal arts education, with particular focus on crime and criminal justice.

Our program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the nature and causes of crime, criminal justice processes, criminal justice organizations and agency practices, and the law and legal system. They will also be exposed to scientific and theoretical models that are used for the analysis and critique of the criminal justice system.




Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the Department of Criminal Justice, one of the largest undergraduate programs at UNLV.

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